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Is your next financial peak in sight?

We’ll guide you from base to summit.

About Base Capital

We’re financial guides stocked with professional tools, insights, and the steadfast guidance you need to conquer life’s peaks and navigate its valleys. More than industry vets with credentials; we are unwavering in our pursuit of knowledge and experience in our craft, focused on people like you, with dreams, goals, and legacies to build.

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Our Clients

We understand that your financial journey is deeply personal, shaped by your unique history, market experiences, and life aspirations. At Base Capital, we take the time to truly get to know you and your financial path. We believe that everyone has a financial summit to conquer, and with our technical prowess and experience, we are dedicated to guiding you toward your next peak.

Our Services

Tailored Services to Guide Your Journey

Financial Planning

Map your future with the specialists who never stop exploring the best routes for you.

We are a wealth management firm that leads with financial planning. Our financial planning services are designed to provide a clear pathway for you to reach life’s loftiest goals.

Investment Management

Comprehensive portfolio management tailored to your risk tolerance, timeline, and investing preferences.

Let our team of specialists manage your portfolio to help you grow your assets and navigate the volatility of the markets.

Tax-Efficient Investing

Keep more of what you earn. Our tax-efficient investing strategies aim to provide current liquidity while reducing your tax impact.

We partner with your professional team of accountants and attorneys to look at all angles to help achieve the most favorable tax-efficient investing strategies.

Executive Compensation Coaching

Part of your comp is now stock options. Sounds great, right? But what does it really mean? We’ll help you figure it out and maximize the benefit.

We offer specialized guidance for executives to help maximize the value of stock options, retirement benefits, and other forms of compensation.

Business Exit Strategies

Plan your business transition smoothly. From valuation to succession planning, we help ensure you exit on your terms.

Generational Wealth Planning

Working in concert with your accountants and attorneys, we provide the legal and financial frameworks to pass on your assets to the next generation, aligned with your vision.

Sudden Wealth Events

Inheritances, settlements, or other windfalls can be overwhelming. We help you manage and safeguard sudden gains responsibly.

Generational AssetTransfer

We offer specialized planning to help you pass on your assets to the next generation in the most effective and tax-efficient way.

Fee-Only Financial Plans

We believe in complete transparency, which is why we offer fee-only plans as an option. Know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden costs.

Meet our Base Capital Team

Your Trusted Guides

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Guiding you to your next peak

Bring your wealth to life.

Experience the Base Capital difference.

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