Bryan Pumphrey, CPWA®

A passbook savings account and Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch. Who knew these two items would send me down the career path of investment management. It started with my very first $20 bill after Christmas at the age of 7. With this kind of wealth I knew it was time to head down to our local bank. I can still remember walking out of the bank with my parents holding that small, navy blue passbook in hand. I made sure it never left my nightstand and always stayed in mint condition. Fast forward 17 years later and I receive a gift from my mom. She tells me as soon as she picked it up she knew it was meant for me… Peter Lynch’s book Learn to Earn. She was right. Before I could finish the book, I knew this had to be my calling.

So, what about that passbook savings account you ask? Well, I can tell you that it grew to a massive $27, but I’d be leaving out the best part of the story. It just so happened our local bank would go public at the exact time of my reading that incredible book by Peter Lynch. This meant all of the account holders were able to buy the IPO before it reached the market (who knew $27 could land such VIP access). I can still remember my dad telling me, “you gotta do this.” He was right, I’ll never forget the feeling of watching the stock trade higher on its first day. Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad! You both truly gave me a gift that sent me down a path I still love to this day.

It’s now been 42 years since opening that passbook savings account and 22 years in the investment industry. I consider all of it a tremendous blessing, and I look forward to the continuous learning of our craft, new friendships, and great work still ahead.

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University (yet still pulls for the Huskies.)

Credentials: Certified Private Wealth Advisor®

Life outside of work: Travel, tennis, coffee, great books, good tunes, and an occasional pack of 80’s baseball cards.

Currently reading the following: Heaven, Deep Work, Psychology of Money.

Just one of many favorite quotes: “Less but better.”  -Dieter Rams.

A vibrant headshot of Bryan sitting on a couch, smiling genuinely to the camera, with lush green plants in the background, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere while emphasizing Bryan's approachable personality.
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